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-new cnn/orc poll of likely voters have mitt romney and president obama in a dead heat, 49% apiece. both candidates are canvassing the critical swing states on this final full day on the campaign trail. the president will hold rallies in madison, wisconsin, columbus, ohio, des moines, iowa. governor romney is in florida and lynchburg and fairfax virginia, columbus ohio and in manchester, new hampshire. and it wouldn't be a presidential election without some kind of legal fight in the state of florida. the state's democratic party is suing to extend early voting hours with people reporting lines of up to seven hours at some south florida early polling stations. cnn has this place covered like no other network. we've got dan lothian in madison, wisconsin. jim acosta is in orlando, florida, martin savidge is in cleveland, ohio. miguel marquez is in las vegas, nevada. ed lavandera is in denver, colorado, for us this morning. john zarrella comes to us live from plantation, florida. we want to begin with complete comprehensive coverage with john berman checking in to see how our correspondents
to chicago to watch the returns with president obama today. mitt romney is not letting up on this election day. he's added two campaign campaign stops today in cleveland, ohio, and in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. there are already legal issues that are plaguing two battleground states. state of florida, where there are more long lines yesterday, and democrats are suing to extend early voting hours, even though those early voting hours legally ended on saturday. then the state of ohio, where a hear something now set for wednesday morning to hear arguments about the rules for counting provisional ballots. final tally from the buckeye state could take weeks. >>> and in the aftermath of superstorm sandy, new jersey is allowing voting by e-mail, or by fax. new york is permitting voters in disaster areas to cast ballots at any polling place in the entire state. cnn correspondents are all across the map today, in those key battleground states. john berman has more on that for us this morning. good morning. >> good morning, soledad. you know, in new hampshire polls have been open for just over an hou
are now in custody. >>> on the road again, president obama and mitt romney return to the campaign trail today with just five days left until election day. the president hits three battleground states, wisconsin, colorado, nevada. the white house says the president will be briefed on details of the federal response to sandy, a day after he witnessed the devastation and promised to cut through all the red tape. mitt romney makes several campaign stops today in the swing state of virginia. >>> and there is more evidence at just how close this presidential race really is. a "wall street journal"/nbc news/marist poll of three bat e battleground state shows president obama with a six-point lead over mitt romney in iowa, a three-point lead in wisconsin, and a two-point lead in new hampshire. just five days left. >> it is so interesting to watch this as we get to that deadline. it's so fascinating. john, thank you very much. >>> back to our "starting point" this morning, it's day three of that fallout from superstorm sandy. millions of people without power in their homes. and as john mentioned
about 90 mosts. both the obama campaign and the romney campaign hope the numbers will boost those economic arguments they've been making through this campaign and right into the final days of the race. we have complete coverage of what to expect this morning. let's begin with christine. she's got a look at what we could see. >> could see an unemployment rate that kicks up to about 7.9%. that's the forecast of economists surveyed by cnn money, soledad. 125,000 jobs added overall. for net new job creation. the important thing here is the trend. and it is the trend that has been so important to american families. american workers. and the two political campaigns, quite frankly. the president took office with unemployment rate at 7.8%, soledad. and then embarked on a massive stimulus plan and unemployment rate kept rising to 10%. but then started to come down. started to come down and is now back at 7.8%. and we got that number, of course, last month. and that was a big surprise overall. you look at the job creation. this is something that the obama administration talks about a lot. t
visits mitt romney to the white house today and everyone is buzzing about it. could obama offer him a job? >> congratulations to someone. you just won the gdp of a small nation. not just one but two winning tickets in last night's record powerball drawing. we'll tell you where. >> and if they will be my best friend soon. we have a packed show. john ba, rasso, adam shif, rick warren, tom cole, connie and mary bono mack and steven holcomb. >> we have so many people coming up. it is thursday, november 2. "starting point" begins right now. >>> good morning, everyone. our starting point this morning, developments happening now in cairo. the u.s. embassy there is closed. no one is being allowed in or out as we speak. >> embassy officials say protesters are blocking the entrance and clashes are happening near nearby. reza sayah is nearby for us. what's happening? >> reporter: there is no indication protesters are targeting the u.s. em wibassy b it was closed as a precaution. these are protesters who clashed with police. these are the trouble-making elements, the teenagers, young men, the 20-some
mitt romney lost the election to president barack obama in just about every toss-up state in the process. not only that, but a whole series of ballot initiatives went against the party, on everything from same-sex marriage to marijuana. welcome texas senator kay bailey hutchison this morning. she's a republican who's retiring her senate seat on january 3rd, after a long political clear that began in 1993 in the senate, at least. so i guess congratulations on that. is it the end of this election, does it feel like a relief? does it feel like a bittersweet? how do you feel about it? >> well, of course, there are wonderful things about public service. and you'll miss part of it, but i'm so ready. and i think it's good for the process to have term limits and people serving and then going back and living with the laws that were made and knowing the experience that people are having in the real world is very important. so i am excited about going home, excited about a new career. and i'm ready. >> you're going to stick with us all morning. so we'll talk about all of that stuff a
. but democrats there have put the win in president obama's column. and mitt romney's team in florida told the miami herald their candidate lost the state. no rush, it's florida. if they get it within a week that's still pretty fast for them. >> they need to get their act to the. i feel like florida, on the lines thing, on the counting thing. we are in the technological age. it is time to move and fix it. that's my editorializing this morning. let's go back to the fiscal cliff. we also should get a little counter for the fiscal cliff. 53 days. christine's got an update on what it will mean if we hit it in 53 days. >> pretty alarming report out from the congressional budget office about this. it said in the post-election report on the fiscal cliff, it will lead to a recession and a spike in unemployment to 9.1%. congress, running out of time to prevent taxes rising for everyone and to prevent across-the-board 8% to 10% cuts for agencies like the fda, cdc, border patrol, education. the cdc director has said this, the reduction will risk costly and deadly spread of disease, and failures to pr
back into recession. and oh, that fiscal cliff is still there. >>> so mitt romney has some ideas about why he lost the election. it's not because of his own campaign. he says it's because of gifts the president gave to young, minority, and women voters. >>> a lot to talk about this morning, among our guests chris van hollen is back, russel honore is with us, jordin sparks is with us, joe heck, kurt boournlg, dr. sanjay gupta, dutch ruppersberger, and "twilight" actress, elizabeth reaser. it's thursday, november 15th, and "starting point" begins right now. >>> morning. welcome, everybody. our starting point this morning, those escalating hostilities between israelis and palestinian militants, threatening to trigger a full-scale mideast war. israel is targeting hamas sites in gaza with air strikes, while militants fire rockets across the border into southern israel. the tipping point for this new violence was israel's assassination of the top hamas military commander. brings us right to sara sidner. she's live for us in gaza city. sara, good morning. >> good morning. yes, we've bee
rays. he won the cy young award. price tied the american league for wins with 20. >>> so mitt romney is taking heat from at least one top republican for claiming the president defeated him by giving gifts to young minority voters. listen to how the defeated gop nominee is explaining his election loss in this phone call to some top donors. >> what the president's campaign did was focus on certain members of his base coalition, give them extraordinary financial gifts if the government, and then work very aggressively to turn them out to vote. >> now, louisiana's republican governor, bobby jindal, says romney has it all wrong and he is not speaking for the entire republican party. he says that the gop plans to rebound from its election loss, it has to stop dividing the american voters. soledad? >> yeah, that's making some waves this morning. that full transcript of what he said, i mean, people can check out. i think it's in "the new york times," the "l.a. times" as well. a fascinating read. >> i thought it was remarkable, and actually quite surprised to read it, for a few reasons. >> or
there. >>> the white house releasing this photo of mitt romney and president obama shaking hands during yesterday's private lunch meeting. >> so there was a photo after all. >> released and taken by the white house. the former rivals promised to stay in touch after spending an hour discussing ideas for keeping america competitive. they dined on turkey chili and chicken salad. a source tells cnn there was no talk of a possible role for romney in the obama administration. >>> the supreme court may decide as early as today if it will tackle same-sex marriage. the justices will consider requests to review cases that challenge doma, the defense of marriage act, as a violation of the constitution's equal protection marriage. also on the table potentially, they're considering a challenge to prop 8, that is california's ban on same-sex marriage which voters narrowly approved back in 2008. >> this is a huge move by the court today to find out what they're going to do. >>> an update on the health of former president george h.w. bush. he's in stable condition at a houston hospital. he was admitted
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chatting with newt gingrich who gave us a very frank deconstruction on why mitt romney lost the election. since then he's been telling his party it's going to take some tough medicine to realign with the american people. want to welcome back the former presidential candidate along with his wife calista. you both have books out. newt gingrich's book is called "victory at yorktown" and this is a historical novel so it's fictional account but it's based on historical facts. >> based on what actually happened. >> and callista's got a book called "land of the pilgrims' pride." my kids would love this. walk-through of the 13 original colonies and what brought them to be. we're going to keep you around for a bit this morning. i want to talk about the fiscal cliff. because 48 days and counting, kind of like this big tic toc, tic toc going. how likely do you think that there will be compromise? anybody can jump in. >> i think the odds are fairly high they will muddle through in some form. i just think the pressures will be great enough, they'll feel they can't go home without doing something. it
you a question about when we heard a little bit about governor romney explaining to his donors why he lost one of the things he's talking about is gifts and we heard from governor jindal coming out very harshly about that also susan martinez as well the gifts include young people get a gift of forgiveness of their college loans and obama care, for college age women get free contraceptives, minorities get obama care. latinos get amnesty for the children of latinos. all these, you know, sort of these gifts that he talked about, here's what governor jindal said, about that. i'm going to play that first. >> this is not where the republican party needs to go. look, we want -- if you want voters to like you the first thing you've got to do is to like them first. and it's certainly not helpful to tell voters that you think their votes were bought. that's not a way to show them that you respect them, you like them. we need to stop talking down to voters. >> so what do you make of that? do you agree with what governor jindal is saying? do you think that governor romney is correct that and that
. jindal's been critical of mitt romney and the republicans since they lost the election. he says the way to start winning majorities is by not insulting the voter. >> i think we can be respectful of those that disagree with us. we don't need to demonize those that disagree with us. we need to respect the fact that others have come to different conclusions based o on their own sincerely held beliefs. we don't need so say stupid things. we had candidates in indiana and missouri that said stupid things that not only hurt themselves but hurt the republican party across the board. >> since bobby jindal brought it up, let's talk about that with our panel here. >> let's go there. >> as the ranking member on the table here, representative diane heyworth, what do you make of what bobby jindal said there? >> i completely agree with him that it's crucial for republicans to focus on the issues that all americans can share as concerns. to me that means respecting what people do in their personal lives as being the province of the individual citizen and thinking very carefully together about how we ac
. >> we can do that. >> -- what loopholes? >> well, there's a host of them out there. isn't it? romney said during the campaign there's so many out there. i want the president to suggest some, as well. one of the things that -- >> mortgage deductions? >> maybe there should be some sort of cap to the total number of deductions -- >> child tax credit? >> there are all sorts of -- there's no limit on the ones that are out there. there are literally thousands of these that are out there. some are bigger than others but we have to get responsible -- >> raise taxes for people who are making $250,000-plus? >> that's not something i think that we should be doing. i don't believe we should be increasing the tax rate. i like what speaker boehner said and said, look, let's work on closing these loopholes and deductions. that is common ground. there's no reason why -- >> that would raise taxes on people. this is where you get this fight in the republican party. because if your taxes go up but your tax rate doesn't go up, is that a sell republicans can live with? >> it depends how it's mixed up. we
the presidency. our exit polls lay out some reasons. this one shows mitt romney winning the white vote while african-americans, latinos, asians all broke for president obama in a big way. right after the election, paul ryan spoke about losing the race because of urban voters. take a look. >> the polling we had, the numbers we were looking at looked like we stood a pretty good chance of winning. so when the numbers came in, going the other direction, when we see the kind of turnout that was occurring in urban areas, which were fairly unprecedented, it did come as a shock. those are the kind of losses, that catch you by surprise. >> co-founder of sun pac, conservative outreach program for the hispanic community jeb bush jr. >> thanks for having me. >> my pleasure. certainly the president won paul ryan's own district, which is white and suburban, won eric cantore's own district, white and suburban. what do you think is your reason ultimately for why the gop lost? >> i think as it relates to our our ban, latino and hispanic districts, we didn't get the message out. they had a better message tas
poll, dropped out and many said months later might have been a real challenger to mitt romney. and who won the iowa straw poll? >> michele bachmann won. >> dropped out not long after that. >> she's an iowa native though so she had an edge this time around. >> exactly. >> it was a contest -- >> iowa straw poll is great. >> why? >> i work for senator tom harkin from iowa and democrats in iowa love the straw poll. it's a good burst of energy in iowa. iowa is a great political town. >> give me a good reason. >> gives everybody an early look at what's out there and gives us something to talk about. it gives political reporters something to report on. >> every single -- >> it's a very positive thing. >> initially, of course, it was all about the idea of the straw poll was it was an early indicator of how much organizational strength you have. right? but i do feel like today, in today's day and age, not so much. it really -- >> why is it no longer an indicator? >> look at michele bachmann. perfect example. she did very well at the beginning and she got people in and then she dropped out the d
Search Results 0 to 26 of about 27 (some duplicates have been removed)

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